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Reply EWA: Shattered Timeline ⎊
A re-written history

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Chrono Q Clepsydra
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:27 pm
A few years ago, EWA was 'sold' to Asmodeus and Mammoth, during the 'Reloaded' era. Unfortunately while a lot of new opportunities, unexpected outcomes and new faces became champions..
The doors closed for undisclosed reasons..


But the duo proceeded to go on to challenge the Clepsydra's for total control...
The duo had their own team of warriors and they battled the Clepsydra Clan in a five on five Team Elimination Chamber match..

Eras Clepsydra, the daughter of destiny won the match...
and with that EWA was once again in the hands of the Clepsydra's...

But something was different when EWA reopened, almost like ...
Certain things that were 'absolute' in time... Were changed, history altered..
A new... Rebirth..

It was as if Eras, the Daughter of Destiny and Epoch, the Daughter of Fate had rewritten history...
What new stories will be told, what stories will be re-told but in a different way...

Keonta, Karova, Melanite, Hakova
A thousand realities will soon come true.
Space will twist, then rip in two.
Reality ends, The void is tossed, as galaxies found become timelines lost!

This was planned for a while, if you've been following PF, Miranda and my storyline. But, 'If' you needed a reason fill in any plot hole gaps, continuity errors or tell stories you wanted to tell but couldn't. Here IS a valid reason to do it.

Note: This does NOT effect title histories and match histories from the past.

Think if this as an 'altered history' some characters could be related, some characters could be different, some events could've happened differently.
It's up to you.

'This is more or less a reboot, without changing events title history, and s**t like that'

Chrono to Eras and Epoch

"If you time travel into the past, are you actually staying in the same timeline? You are not... What you've done is created a new parallel universe.
You are duplicating the timeline but you could never ever truly return to the "present" timeline. You would be in a new universe... Of course, things would be different... And when you're merging multiple timelines... Picking and choosing... The outcome... Isn't what you expected... Regardless if you changed certain events and put them in place... What's done is done. It already happened...
PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:34 am
These are the KNOWN changes this 'Shattered Timeline' affected

There is an alternate EWA Title history, some people won titles, some people didn't. (Xenuverse History)
It won't have an effect on the current EWA title history (except... For a predetermined future event)

Miranda, Talia, Wylde Rose are officially 'Mirai, Tima and Wyle Clepsydra'

Hiro's death in 2016, seemingly never happened, though there is an uneasiness around Chrono (who killed him in 2016)

St. Joey's death, may or may not have happened.
In this timeline it's an urban legend yet to be confirmed.

EWA had not only FWD as a developmental
but FWD International (ran by Kurone)
and Global Gateway Wrestling.

Athena (Phoenixfire) still kept the Clepsydra last name, even though Chrono and her divorced.
Though they both have matching tattoos, what (and where) it is, is currently a mystery

Shin Omega and (Kid) Omega are two entirely different entities, Shin Omega didn't have the deteriorating neck disease that (Kid) Omega had.
Kid Omega was a high flier, Shin is more submission and strikes.
Shin Omega is from Kurone Clepsydra's timeline, this version Omega didn't father Fenrir.
It is shown that Shin does wear 'war' paint, and isn't so distracted by his crimson and golden mask, unlike Omega who would sometimes lose matches when the mask was torn.

Nikki Blade and Damian Black aren't related to Shin Omega.

Shin Omega's & Dallas Cruz' relationship ended badly (a tragedy) whereas with regular Omega it ended amicably (decided to part ways to pursue their careers)

Kurone and Shin are associates, Shin leads a faction known as Epsilon using Kurone's assets.
Rather than a hammer like her, Kurone bequeathed Shin, the 'Falchion of Eris'
a chaotic blade that enhances Shin's already chaotic nature.

Athena (Phoenixfire) is the fourth known phoenix in lineage, but the fifth holder.
One of them (Chiyo) is from an outside lineage

Chrono's hammer is Oathbreaker
Wynter Rose's is Gale Lethe
Kurone's is Lumibringer

Nina Royale is the Original Dragon, the White Dragon and the keeper of the first Mask (Menace)
The Successor Kyoji Kaiju is the Black Dragon and has the Mask of the Revenant
No other 'Dragons' existed prior.
The Damone family are just the Damone Family, not the 'Unholy Alliance' (Obviously because that's the Big Show and Undertaker)

Salem Croft doesn't exist, seriously. He does not exist period.
(Blue) Angel, Jack Arson also does not exist.
Jason Byers/Matt Seraph passed away
Jaime Kym, Kamino, and crew... Do not exist!
Savannah Lionheart was put into a mental institution in early childhood. In this verse, she doesn't have children, nor became a drug addict...

Snypa Rifle was forced into early retirement in 2007

Rather than two dark masks (Menace & Malice), there are four with (Scorn & Vandal) being added in
There are also two 'light' masks ( Abide (Wynter), Revenant (Kyoji)

2019 Chrono traveled back in time to meet the 2010 in WWFG, to prevent Justin Amaze from winning (The scheduled winner), and had Claire win (The cherry picker incident).
Then 2019 Chrono took the WWFG 2010 MitB Case (Claire never cashed it in) to be used at another time.

The teams of Velocity, Ragnarok, and Team Carnage are presumably a different line up in this new timeline.

Eras (Unlimited era) is timeline is the Wyrdverse or W Axis
Kurone's Timeline is the Xenuerse or X Axis
Chrono's Timeline is referred to the Verityverse, or V Axis
Asmodeus (Reloaded era) timeline is referred to as Yvelverse or Y Axis

The Shattered Timeline is the Zenith Verse, or Z Axis

All other Feds were absorbed by EWA at one point or another
Any titles in WWFG earned/gained after Sept 11th, 2017 are fake titles (as with any tag titles after the 'Universal Tag Titles)

more to come  

Chrono Q Clepsydra
Vice Captain

Overpowered Genius

12,990 Points
  • Powerful Legion 100
  • Happy 13th, Gaia Online! 50
  • Married 100

Chrono Q Clepsydra
Vice Captain

Overpowered Genius

12,990 Points
  • Powerful Legion 100
  • Happy 13th, Gaia Online! 50
  • Married 100
PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:48 pm
This is updated

If you wish to inquire about any 'continuity changes', retcons, or a different representation about your character(s) you'd like to partake upon your characters, don't hesitate to drop a PM

As noted, there are multiple variations of characters (in multiple verses), it wouldn't be a complete stretch to have changes to them (and not effect your current continuity)  
PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:17 pm
--- Beyond the Fracture Timeline changes ----

(After the events of Shattered Timeline)  

Chrono Q Clepsydra
Vice Captain

Overpowered Genius

12,990 Points
  • Powerful Legion 100
  • Happy 13th, Gaia Online! 50
  • Married 100
EWA: Shattered Timeline ⎊

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